30 People to Thank in November

Gratitude is really powerful—countless studies have pointed to gratitude as a proven tool to boost mood and happiness. While we typically tend to focus all our energy on celebrating Thanksgiving Day, we’re challenging you to see the whole month of November as an opportunity to exercise gratefulness.

We compiled a list of 30 people to thank (one person a day for the month), whether it be via snail mail or in person. 

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Jenna Homen

What Happens When You Write a Daily Thank You Note for a Year?

World Gratitude Day

Faced with a long commute to a new job, writer, editor, and content strategist Gina Hamadey unintentionally kicked off a yearlong challenge to write 365 thank you notes in 2018.

We sat down with her to discuss the unexpected things she learned from a year of gratitude, and asked her about her top letter writing tips. Read on for some major inspiration!

What inspired you to start the #thankyouyear project?

In January 2018 I started a freelance gig in New Jersey. From Brooklyn it was a good 90-minute commute, including an hour-long train ride. I spent that hour mostly scrolling through my social feeds, which felt like wasted time.

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Jenna Homen

Nice News | National Letter Writing Month

National Letter Writing Month

‘Tis the season for letter writing!

While we believe handwritten notes are always in season, April is the *official* time to celebrate sending notes—it’s National Card and Letter Writing Month.

Nicely Noted makes sending handwritten notes convenient. Embrace letter writing month by sending a few cards to friends near and far. No matter the type of note, the recipient will be more than pleased by the thoughtful gesture and surprise snail mail.

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Kathryn Stouffer