7 Things People Love About Receiving Handwritten Mail

by Jenna Homen

There is an undeniable magic about finding a handwritten letter nestled within your pile of bills, spam mail, and coupons. But why, exactly, is that?

Is it leftover nostalgia from your middle school penpal days? Is it the suspense of wondering what’s inside that envelope? Or is it as simple as feeling the love from a friend?

We at Nicely Noted polled our Instagram fanbase and asked that very question: What do you love about receiving a note?

Here are the reasons, starting with the most popular.


1. It’s the Thought That Counts

Many of you cited that simply knowing someone was thinking of you was your favorite thing about receiving a handwritten letter.

“The idea that for 5 minutes, this person was thinking about me. It’s a care and focus we lack today.”

“Knowing someone took time out of their busy life to sit down and write to me—it’s just the best.”

“The sentiment behind it and the extra effort to make me feel loved.”

“I get my words of affirmation!!”


2. The Surprise and Delight

The surprise of receiving an unexpected note—paired with the suspense of opening it—was another big reason as to why people love mail.

“The surprise of it—how it looks and what will it say.”

“The suspense of opening it and the thoughtfulness of the sender.”

“It’s always a surprise and it takes me back to childhood.”

Nicely Noted envelopes

3. Seeing Someone’s Handwriting

Whether it’s a messy scrawl, fancy cursive, or neat capitals, seeing a pal’s handwriting is a sweet way to learn more about them.

“The handwriting and creativity of the card.”

“I love the uniqueness of each person’s handwriting.”

“Seeing the author’s handwriting <3”


4. The Tangible Nature of a Letter

A select few of you love the whimsical nature of letters, and how paper connects you to your loved ones.

“When I get a sense of the person not conveyed via digital means, if that makes sense.”

“Holding something in my hand that a friend also held in their hand far away.”

5. It’s Not a Bill

Real mail from a real human being who you know and love? We call that happy mail, my friends.

“The thought that was put in, happy mail (i.e. it’s not a bill!).”


6. Stationery Design

The joy of seeing what card your friend or loved one picked out for you—and you alone—is a rush. And it often doubles as decor for your office or fridge!

“Seeing the stationery the writer chose, and also the message.”

“Seeing what designs my friends choose!”


7. Stamp Spotting

If you wait with bated breath to see which stamps the United States Postal Service will release next, this goes out to you.

“Seeing which stamps get used.”

– – –

What’s your favorite thing about receiving a handwritten note? Comment below!