Southwest Airlines Magazine Feature – March 2017

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This curated stationery subscription pushes the envelope when it comes to snail mail.

Here’s how founder Perry Nelson describes the postal service: I’ve always loved handwri­tten notes, back to when I exchanged le­tters with people from summer camp. I had this fantasy of owning a stationery shop, which became, How can I do this without a retail store? Nicely Noted has two elements: convenience and discovery. For $20 a month, you get cards by three different le­tterpress printers, information on each maker, envelopes, and stamps—because no one ever has stamps. The collections also usually have a seasonal or color theme. We’re surrounded by things that go away quickly. You might get nice texts, but you don’t keep them. With handwri­tten notes, the magical thing is that you can treasure them. You can put cards on your fridge or use them as art prints. You can come back to them again and again, and they bring you back to that time in your life.

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