The Send Nice Notes Challenge

“Gratitude is priceless, but conveying it costs no more than a postage stamp.”*
Join our letter writing challenge to send a note every week for 40 weeks.

Download our printable tracking sheet post it on the fridge or in your office to remind you to send a note every week.


Inspired by You and Chief Justice Roberts

At the turn of the year we asked our email newsletter readers if they would like to join in a letter writing challenge.
Many replied with an exuberant yes. Likely, at least a few of you, have let your New Year’s Resolution fall by the wayside.
No judgement here!

Here’s your chance to start a manageable resolution in earnest now.
Download the log, it has 40 spots for a name and a date, to help remind you to keep on top of your goal.
You can even note the occasion the letter honored (thanks, birthday, congratulations, etc.).

There are two on a single letter sized sheet, one for you and one for a friend.
If you’re extra ambitious, keep both, write and track 80 letters!

The inspiration mentioned in our end of year newsletter was from a Wall Street Journal story
about Chief Justice’s commencement address. He said
“Once a week, you should write a note to someone. Not an email.
A note on a piece of paper. It will take you exactly 10 minutes.” Then, he urged,
put the note in an envelope and send it off the old way: via U.S. mail.

p.s. we’re working on a few other features to go along with the challenge – we’ll email our newsletter list with all the info.
So, if you’re not on that list, follow the link below. Happy letter writing!
Keep in touch,

*from the linked WSJ article

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