Noted | Best Holiday Cards

by Audrey Dyer


Nicely Noted | Best Christmas Cards

Lately it feels like sending Christmas cards has to be a professionally-photographed, organized-months-in-advance, custom-printed, perfectly-styled, entire-extended-family ordeal, when really they’re just about connecting to loved ones during the holiday season. Dare we say, holiday cards should be a pleasure both to send and receive! These pretty notes bring that simpler spirit back, allowing you more space to write a personalized note (and preventing any matching Christmas sweater photo situations that you’ll cringe about later). These cute cards are especially poignant at a time when photo sharing is an everyday activity and hand writing a thoughtful greeting is a rare treat. Ok fine…toss a matchy-matchy family photo inside too—we won’t tell!

1 F as in Frank | 2 Bench Pressed | 3 Noteworthy Paper Press | 4 Heart Swell Co | 5 The Hunter Press | 6  Penguin Inks | 7 Tabletop Made | 8 In Haus Press